Achievements 2017

Visa Camp

The annual Visa Camp this past Spring in Atlanta, has saved our community thousands of dollars in time and money by bringing the Consul services from Houston to Atlanta.  Imagine how expensive it would have been if everyone had to travel to Houston for a visa?  Think of the time and money spent on travel, airline tickets, hotels, meals and transportation - not to mention the loss of income incurred by having to take time off during the week.  In addition to the annual visa camp, PAC Atlanta with the assistance of Consulate of Pakistan in Houston, assisted year round with consular services for those who called upon us so frequently.   

Pakistan Independence Day

Summer started with a bang, and the Pakistan Independence Day Festival was attended by over 2,500 people!  Our special guests included Deputy Commissioner of Mission from Embassy of Pakistan to the United States, Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, First secretary to the Ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Shah Nazar Khan, Georgia State Representative Pedro Marin, Pakistani Actor, Producer & Director, Reema Khan, Pop Star Ali Haider & Singer Humaira Channa. Cultural dances were performed by Sanam Studios Dancers and the national anthems were gracefully performed by Marium Khalid.  Catering was provided by Shahi Grill, Sound by DJ Zee and Photography by Hakim’s Studio.

We wanted our community to celebrate without having to worry about purchasing tickets.  The event was FREE for all!  Only those interested in VIP seats needed to purchase a ticket. How did we pull this off?  With blessings and support from you - our community leaders and sponsors. 

Helping the Homeless

 November brought out the best in all of us when PAC Atlanta was there to help fight homelessness, with the help of our community members.   Metro Atlanta families coming out of homelessness were in need of essential small appliances for their apartments. PAC Atlanta, with the help of our generous community members, collected and donated dozens of Microwave Ovens, Toasters, Vacuum Cleaners and Crockpots to Simple Needs GA warehouse, where families in need go to shop for free.  Simple Needs GA Inc. was so touched by our community’s generosity they videotaped a thank you message, which is available on our Facebook page. 

Pakistani Mayors Visit

 Also in November, with the help of the State Department, PAC Atlanta organized a visit from 10 Mayors from various cities and towns in Pakistan!  The visit to Atlanta was an effort to help Pakistani Mayors learn how our local governments operate, so they can implement similar practices in Pakistan.  PAC Atlanta hosted a dinner for the Mayors at the Ashiana Banquet Hall. The evening was an enlightening exchange of information and ideas including forming a trade delegation from Atlanta to visit Pakistan, in an effort to benefit both communities.

Georgia State Capital

November’s busy streak concluded with PAC Atlanta arranging a visit to the Georgia State Capitol for Consul General of Pakistan Houston, Aisha Farooqui and our community leaders. We were all welcomed with warmth and zeal.  Georgia State Representative Pedro Marin and other lawmakers who attended the meeting with the Consul General, were delighted to see a strong representation by the Pakistani American community of Atlanta.  The breakfast meeting was followed by a tour of the beautiful and magnificent Capitol building.

Later in the evening, PAC Atlanta arranged a community dinner in honor of Consul General Aisha Farooqui, which was attended by 200+ guests. Our community welcomed her with excitement and pride.  Guests had an opportunity to engage in a Q&A session, followed by dinner at the Opal Banquet Hall.  Sound was provided by DJ Zee, and Photography by Hakim’s Studio. This was the Consul General’s first visit to Atlanta.  She was impressed by our community’s interest and engagement in things that matter, and is looking forward to visiting Atlanta in the near future. 

Ambassador Visit to Atlanta

 December wasn’t going to take a backseat after the year we’ve had, so it decided to save the best for last!  PAC Atlanta, with your help and our generous hosts Dr. Gulshan Harjee, Zul Devji and Feroz Delawalla, welcomed the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States of America, H.E. Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, on his first visit to Atlanta. His Excellency was very impressed with our community and the gathering.  He’s already looking forward to his next visit.  Thank you to all our community members who came to the dinner.  Photographs by Hakim’s Studio is available on PAC Atlanta’s Facebook page.


A very Happy New Year to all Pakistani Atlantans from All of Us here at PAC Atlanta! Here we are on New Years Eve, planning a 2018 for YOU that will be remembered for generations to come!

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life. Wishing all of  you a year full of happiness. 



Christmas Service with Pakistani Christian Community

It was a lovely Christmas service and lunch at the First Asian Indian Baptist Church led by Pastor Farhat, a proud, kind, and inspirational Pakistani Atlantan. The PAC Atlanta team was present to support the Christian members of our Atlanta Pakistani community, and received a warm welcome from the congregation. Irfan Habib spoke to the audience and conveyed PAC Atlanta's commitment to serve and represent all Pakistanis in Metro Atlanta as a single unified community. 

Wishing all our community members a Happy Quaid-e-Azam Day!

Merry Christmas

To everyone celebrating in our community, a very Merry Christmas to you and your family! May this holiday season bring you all the joy in the world, and us closer as a community. 

Donation delivered 11/19/2017

With the support of our community members and generous friends, we jam packed a large van with Microwaves, Toasters, Crockpots & Vacuum Cleaners, and delivered them to the wonderful people at Simple Needs GA, Inc.!! All of these donated items will be given to families in need who are coming out of homelessness. Thank you Brenda & team at Simple Needs GA for letting the Pakistani American Community of Atlanta be a part of your amazing service!! And, a very special thank you to our community members who gave generously! 

Thank you message from Simple Need GA

Donation Drive

NOV 10th - 18th, 2017

In honor of Giving Tuesday and the spirit of Thanksgiving, The Pakistani American Community of Atlanta, with the support of our members, will make lives a little easier for Georgia families coming out of homelessness. A wonderful service called 'Simple Needs GA' has a warehouse where families in need go to pick up necessary household items for FREE!! Simple Needs is currently low on Microwaves, Crockpots, Vacuum Cleaners, and Toasters.
PAC Atlanta has a created a list online on Walmart's website, where you can shop to donate any item on the list and it will be delivered to us. Once all the items have been purchased by our generous community members, our team will deliver it to the Simple Needs warehouse.
There are many wonderful organizations in Metro Atlanta who are serving families in need. This is just one of many ways for us as a community to get engaged in service-driven efforts. We will continue to do what we do best as Pakistani-Americans, help those in need.
We did some shopping online and found these to be the most reasonably priced items. Please visit the url, purchase an item, and help a family coming out of homelessness.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Shop here:

Pakistani Mayors Visit Atlanta, GA 11/16/2017


In honor of the visiting mayors from Pakistan, Pakistani American Community of Atlanta held a dinner on November 17th, at Ashiyana Banquet Hall. The mayors and local government administrators are on an official visit to the United States. 

During this event, the Pakistani Mayors had an opportunity to meet with the Pakistani American community to engage ideas and increase understanding. The mayors and deputy mayors engaged in ideas on ways to enhance cooperation between the two communities and countries. The mayors also had the opportunity to meet with local governments in Georgia to gain a better understanding of local governance and plan to implement the processes and procedures they learned in their return trip to Pakistan.


The following Mayors and Deputy Mayors attended the Event:

  1. Mr. Niaz AHMAD - District Mayor (Nazim)  District/Local Government, District Shangla [Tourism and Economic Development]
  2. Mr. Irfan Ullah DURRANI, District Mayor (Nazim) District/Local Government, District Bannu [Agriculture Sector]
  3. Mr. Sahibzada FASIHULLAH - District Mayor (Nazim) District/Local Government, District Upper Dir
  4. Mr. Muhammad ISMAIL - District Deputy Mayor (Naib Nazim) District / Local Government, District Dera Ismail Khan
  5. Mr. Himayat Ullah MAYAR, District Mayor (Nazim) - District/Local Government, District Mardan
  6. Mr. Amir REHMAN District Mayor (Nazim) District / Local Government, Swabi
  7. Mr. Fahad RIAZ, District Mayor (Nazim) District/Local Government, Charsadda
  8. Mr. Maghfirat SHAH, District Mayor (Nazim), District / Local Government, District Chitral
  9. Mr. Syed Ahmad Ali SHAH, District Mayor (Nazim) District / Local Government, Malakand District
  10. Mr. Syed Qasim Ali SHAH, Deputy Mayor (Naib Nazim) - City District Government, District Peshawar

70th Pakistan Independence Day

Shout out by Hakim studio

70th Pakistan Independence Day

70th Pakistan Independence day highlights Atlanta GA By Altaf Ladhani  

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